Basic service £25: Gear and brakes checked, all bolts checked and tightened, wheels and tyres checked.  This is a safety check and does not involve any adjustments or repairs.

Full service £50: As basic service plus gears and brakes adjusted, light true of wheels, spokes checked and adjusted, wheel bearings adjusted, new brake pads fitted if necessary, chain checked and lubed, cables lubed, stem and handlebar checked, headset checked and adjusted.  Parts extra if required.

Puncture repair £10: includes new tube!

Brake service £25: Lube and adjust brakes, check and lube cables.  Parts extra if required.

Gear service £25: Lube and adjust gears, check and lube cables.  Parts extra if required.

Build mail order bike £50: Asssemble and safety check the bike.

Respray from £110 for a single colour:, vast choice of colours, and I can strip down and rebuild the bike for an agreed price.  For two or more colours or complex paint jobs, ask for a quote.

If there's something you need fixed which isn't listed, give me a ring or send me an email and I'll advise on cost.